moving on

We made a brief stop in Ketchikan to clear into the country and take care of some boat jobs, made new friends here too and enjoyed a fantastic dinner with some very experienced arctic travelers Jill and Doug! (Looking forward to reading her book Rowing to Lattitude as we head North) We’re on our way to Sitka now where we’ll visit with friends and take a couple of days to get ready to cross the Gulf of Alaska. Photos soon to come 🙂

3 thoughts on “moving on

  1. I read Jill’s book after kayaking in Prince William Sound. Especially the parts about the polar bears! 🙂 Great read!!!

  2. Yay! Glad for news and progress info!! Been watching your blue dots as you motored North. You guys are really moving!!!! Not so sunny here today, either. Will send sun if it shows.
    Love, hugs, and Smooth Sailing!

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