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Southbound, Netherlands to Spain

Our fine mid-June weather as we departed Germany soon deteriorated. The sun had disappeared after the first day, and by the time we were approaching the Frisian island of Terschelling the weather was wet and blowing a near gale. All hands (both of us!) were busy with lookout, depthsounder, chartplotter, radar, and radio as we […]... Read More
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Greenland 9/15-25/17

Irene made a quick, if not particularly comfortable, passage from the Canadian Arctic to Aasiaat in Greenland. During early planning stages, we had thought to skip Greenland and head directly down Baffin Island to Labrador. As we popped out into the Baffin Sea, driven by a fierce arctic 75 knot tailwind, we altered plans based […]... Read More

Cambridge Bay to Fort Ross

This leg of the NWP is all about ice this year. Irene needs to get to, then through, the choke point of Bellot Strait. In some previous years this section has been almost ice free, but we are not so lucky in 2017. Ice pack breakup further north and north winds have filled the area […]... Read More