Chasing Summer

PR Channel astern

The month of September found Irene leaving behind Alaska fishermen

PW Seiners

and icebergs

Watching the Ice Stephens Passage

and clearing into Canada just before Labor Day weekend. We were treated to some nice weather breaks as we spent a couple of days in Prince Rupert.

Prince Rupert sunset

Prince Rupert art deco

Peter got the “bits” needed for his long planned fuel tank cleaning project and sucked a quart of water and debris out of the bottom of the tank.

Fuel tank clean project

The raw water filter needed some attention too.

Raw water strainer

Finally we finished our city tasks and headed south into the Inside Passage canals. First destination – hot springs! We arrived at Bishop Bay Hot Springs on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Several humpbacks were fishing and blowing in the entrance.

Bishop Bay humpbacks

Fraser Reach Humbpack

Hoping for a quieter hot spring experience (less people, the whales were fantastic!) we headed further up the canals to Europa Hot Spring on Saturday. We were not disappointed and had the place to ourselves for the night enjoying several soaks and a saltwater swim.

Europa Hot Springs

Europa cool off

There were a few predicted blows on our southbound trip and we were fortunate to find excellent shelter from them. The largest wind came as we were approaching the Queen Charlotte Sound crossing.

Smith Sound Sunset

This crossing has the greatest exposure to ocean swell on the Inside Passage and it’s always a relief to get around Cape Caution. We were forced to delay for a day just north of the Cape. Peter entertained us by creating a musical instrument as we watched the foam blow into the bay from the surf out front.

Stormy Day Kelp Concert

As we continued south after the blow we were not disappointed by the Orca whales who often make and appearance in Johnstone Strait.

Johnstone Strait Orcas

We were anxious to get in some sailing and we found that if you make a couple of passes in the Strait of Georgia the wind is bound to come up in a favorable direction.

Mast Head

Strait of GA Spinnaker

Spin Sailing

Spinnaker Sailing

Our spinnaker was hoisted several times and made the captain extremely happy.

Happy Captain

The Strait of Georgia did not disappoint, we found it! What Ginger had been searching for.. Summer!!


Tribune Bay, a popular anchorage known for it’s “warm” swimming water was pleasantly spacious.

Tribune Bay Moon

The day we arrived was indeed warm enough for a quick dip in the water.

Tribune Bay Beach

Sand dollars were plentiful.

Sand Dollars

We left our dinghy on the beach and enjoyed a spectacular hike with sweeping views of the Strait of Georgia.

Helliwell Park and Strait of Georgia

Stopping in Pender Harbor we met and shared the dock with a historical sea adventure author Sean Thomas Russell. We’ve now enjoyed reading his latest book. It’s fun to rub elbows with such talent, he’s the second author we met this summer.

Mast Maintenance Pender Hbr

On the dock we learned from locals that it is possible to anchor in False Creek, downtown Vancouver. We headed there for a perfect week taking advantage of the free showers, city amenities (Whole Foods Market!) and an enjoyable social time in the anchorage with new friends from GB.

Vancouver BC False Creek

Mast Head Selfie Vancouver

Too soon it was time to make a plan for our boat work. We arrived in Port Townsend on a weekend and needed to take shelter from the wind until Monday when we planned to check in with the boat yard.

Irene and BLTC

We motored to Mystery Bay for shelter on a falling tide we found ourselves in the midst of anchored boats and buoys that said “no anchoring”. As we were trying to figure out our plan we found the bottom, and were hard aground instantly, firmly back in Washington State. It’s the first time in all of our sailing together we’ve had to ride out a tide. We made the best of it by taking a few photos and keeping an eye on things for four hours until we floated off.


Fixed Heel

Mystery Bay Stop

Back in Port Townsend we came up with a plan, but as a transient boat our plans are still up in the air. We’ll go with the flow and if need be hang out with the seals across the bay.

Rat Island Seals Ft Flagler

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  1. What awesome photos, as usual!!! Love the hot springs/toes one and the way you guys are standing in your grounded boat 🙂 Do you know where you will spend the winter yet? We miss you on F dock!

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