Cruising the Salish Sea


Check out Irene’s wake! Is it our imagination or does that new feathering propeller really make a difference? We enjoyed a quick run down sound to do some cruising and debug systems.

flying lesson

It was hard to leave our Port Townsend flight simulator training when we were making such good progress, but the sea called!

night fishing saboteur Bremerton pause reel him in

In addition to checking our new boat systems, we had concert tickets drawing us to Bremerton. The theater is in a whimsical downtown artsy district, much improved since our last visit years ago.

swabbing the deck

We used our first visit to a dock in 45 days (with unlimited fresh water) to give the deck a good scrub.

Gig Hbr truck

Next stop, Gig Harbor to check on the blackberries and the Heritage Distilling Co.

resting between tacks

We found some lazy sailing days

wind building

we found some visitors,

squall arrived

..and we found some squalls!

ready for guests view from astern freeing the sheave

Anchored in the protection of Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island we prepared for guests, enjoyed the hubub of Memorial Day weekend and continued with projects.

Nantu Marcy

Friends we hadn’t seen in a while came here too!

While in Puget Sound we joined a Cruising Club of America spring cruise with 30 other boats, all ocean sailors. We’ve never participated in a rally or cruise before and enjoyed it.

Tacoma slough car museum

All the boats squeezed into a marina in Tacoma and we took a field trip to the car museum. The docent taught us some new terms that everyone can use. Original means never re-touched with paint. “Don’t over-restore” is something they’re concerned with – Ginger plans to use those new terms a lot on Irene.

busy Memorial Day Eagle Hbr

It was a fun social spring,

too long in the water

but the barnacles on the dinghy told us it was time to move on.

Irene (5)

We set sail (photo credit to Baird – from the CCA spring cruise)

Eagle Hbr display

and we’re heading west into the sunset… well, northwest really.

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  1. If you clear off enough space on deck, perhaps you could mount the flight trainer on deck–or even a helicopter launch pad! Think big! 🙂

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