Seward Interlude

The fiords and islands near Seward seemed to need exploring, so we went at it.

AK sailing

Herring ball


Kenai sailing

As we passed the end of the peninsula separating fiords and came back out on the ocean – with Irene lifting and dropping in the ever present swell – we enjoyed spotting wildlife and got some nice sailing in as well. Heading back deep into the next fiord, the wind and swell diminished and finally disappeared. We found a nice little cove, with jade colored water from the near glacier, to call home for a few days.

Irene Bowen Anch

Bowen Anch

Bowen Anchorage

Bowen Anchorage (2)

Day Hbr

Craving pastry, we launched the dinghy to go ashore for berry picking.

Bowen Anch Row

Berry ferry in Bowen


Salmon Berries

The anchorage was tranquil, the views were stunning, and the weather was gorgeous. We could see the glacier at the head of the fiord and decided move Irene to anchor off the beach for an afternoon.

Ellsworth Glacier

Irene in Day Hbr

head of Day Hbr

Ashore Day Hbr

After a few days of idyllic calm, we felt a weather change early one morning. An amazingly warm wind sprang up from a new direction, unfortunately the direction our little cove could not provide shelter. We sat on deck in T shirts at four in the morning, perfectly comfortable, wondering how tropical air had come all the way to Alaska. We debated our next move as the wind increased – and decided the prudent thing would be to haul anchor and head back to Seward for re-provisioning. We left the cove before sunrise – we haven’t really encountered much darkness yet this summer – as a beautiful moon was setting.

Moon set departure

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  1. Irene, Irene, Irene, it’s Wiz!
    Susan and Darrell from Wiz! I just had to look you guys up and I am so excited to see you still cruising!! We are finally going to do it too; sell everything, including Wiz (after 15 years) and buy a bigger -newer- boat and sail the world!! I would so very much love to chat with you two. We will be at the Seattle Boat Show in Sept. I’d love to hook up! You can email us at Susan at We think of you two ALL time, and the dinner we shared in Canada. Call me!

  2. Wow.
    Looks like a SUPER trip. Keep the info coming.. Still home bound in Ecuador.. Breaking out though and heading to Spain this next trip. Enjoy yours! Miss sailing….

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