We arrived in Sitka yesterday! 20 days after leaving Seattle we arrived at our first milestone on our way to Nome. Peter has already changed the engine oil and has removed the wet exhaust mixing elbow (in a couple of pieces) because it started showing signs of trouble with all of our motoring. The good news is that he’s smart enough not to have messed with it away from port AND overall the engine is running even better than when we left home. The bad news is that we need to have a new one sent and part of it had to be custom welded so we’ll be here until it arrives. Thanks to our supportive friends (Suzette, our courier and Angela at Dockside Solutions) and family (Mom) at home. After a number of phone calls this morning it’s in process. Hatton Marine is rushing the weld job to get us underway again. If all goes well it will be in the mail tomorrow. No worries, plenty of other jobs to keep us busy and catching up with long ago Seattle friends Fran and Jim (s/v Cape St. James) here in Sitka will make the time speed by. The view from astern tells us we have another job to do! This is the first time we’ve been off the boat in calm weather and can see that it’s not our imagination, and nothing is wrong with the stove.. we’re listing to port. We need to shuffle gear and food..Cheers!

7 thoughts on “Sitka

  1. Listing Port? Weren’t all the beers stored Starboard? Might want to pace yourselves a bit EH? Couldn’t resist. Thanks for the pictures and updates. 2000 pictures! More Please!
    Website is your tour of SY IRENE.

  2. Jeanie and I visited Sitka with a relative that attended the college that used to be there. Check out the Pioneer Bar & Liquor Store in town….cool bar! Safe travels.

  3. Hi kid’s. …was great to hear from you.I will have to find out how far you will be from my nephew, when you get to Nome;) he’s in the Coast Guard. I’d love for you to meet him and his wife. Looking forward to more posts and pictures from you.

  4. Great to get an update. You must have been keeping from heading to starboard??
    Glad your team is responding so well. The position map is very cool. All goes well here. Heading down to Berkeley for a few days.
    Much Love,

  5. Sitka is a beautiful spot to re-group complete with good friends. Sorry I missed your call yesterday.
    Oh and nice WA sticker in the pic above. xo

  6. Sending good thoughts for shuffling, welding, shipping, and time with Fran and Jim!
    Love and hugs!!

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