2017 Spring Projects

mastcrobatics. up the mizzen

Varnishing occupied much our time in March and April aboard Irene.

Both masts needed a few coats of varnish each.

handrail varnish and staysail hoist

The cap rail, toe rail and grab rail were all stripped and refinished.

P stripping

(That thermometer is showing the inside temp. It was cold out there!)

hanking on the staysail

Ginger made new soft shackles for the staysail and hanked the sail on ready to hoist.

new winch

Peter installed new self tailing winches  – 4 of them! Winch technology has been significantly improved since our old winches were made forty years ago.

Port Townsend Foundry cast a new mast band

new mast band cracked mast band … to replace a cracked one.


Just a month after launching we had to replace a lost zinc on the new propeller.

zinc replace

That project involved two swims, one for each of us. It would have been a much more pleasant project in the tropics. Brr!


It was an unusually cold and stormy spring and we felt every blow and heard every rain drop at anchor. Spending the spring on the hook allowed us to re-acclimatize to more boat movement after our long stay in the boat yard.

after the storm

We’re thankful that living aboard and working on the boat brought us outside so much to enjoy this wild and sometimes spectacular spring.

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  1. Brrr, brrrr, and glad to see one hand firmly on the mast, Ginger! 😉 Love all the photos of your adventures. Looks like the extra time here allowed more repairs than you ever imagined. So awesome to be heading off with such a well prepared vessel! Safe travels!! xoxoxo E

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