Blown Away by Port Townsend


There were many paths available to our country this fall. No matter how people voted in November elections it seems many people feel persecuted and vulnerable, Port Townsend residents are no exception. This liberal town is closely surrounded by a vocal conservative rural community. It feels frivolous to write about travels and boat repairs at a time when there are such serious news stories every day. But.. we also enjoy seeing what people are doing in their daily life. So, we’ll start with the weather. It should be possible to discuss weather and boat work without controversy. We’ll see if we can manage.

This part of Washington State was stormy and cold this year.


There were several freezes that lasted a few days at a time.

cold winter
icy marina

Our long awaited haulout day arrived and had to be postponed due to high winds.

haulout wind delay

As we waited for the wind to abate we were alerted to an emergency by the Coast Guard helicopter hovering over Irene. A boat in trouble was just outside the breakwater in waist deep water and blowing toward shore.

PT rescue 1
PT rescue 2
PT rescue 3
PT rescue 4

For some reason this is a popular place for people to leave boats untended for extended periods of time. Another blow (It feels like they happened at least once a week here this winter) and another boat in trouble.

washed up

When it wasn’t stormy there were some gorgeous days and serene nights here in Port Townsend.

Port Townsend fall

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  1. Thanks for the post. We’re glad the weather here in Sicily has been calmer (and warmer)! Good luck with your travels. We’ll start our circumnavigation of Sicily around May 15 after new bottom paint… Cheers!

    1. Have been writing an email to you and Birgit for a couple of weeks! It’s on the way. Glad for your update.

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