Irene in the Shumagin Islands

Taking a break from our normal wild tenuous Peninsula anchorages, we pulled into the small boat harbor at Sand Point on Popof Island in the Shumagins Islands and spent a wonderful few days.

Sand Point from quarry

Sand Point AK from school

Sand Point welcome

Sand Point map

It was nice to stretch our legs and explore without worrying about bears and every day we walked miles. The locals said the island was currently bear free. Every now and then a bear might swim over from a neighboring island, but he wouldn’t last long on Popof.

Sand Point wildflowers

Sand Point boardwalk

Sandpoint has miles of attractive boardwalk sidewalks, and we established a daily habit of walking a five or six mile round trip to visit the grocery and use wifi at the high school library up on top of the hill.

Sand Point crossroads

Sand Point friends

A pair of friendly dogs sometimes escorted us.

Sand Point dinghies

Sand Point Hbr footbridge

Sand Point eel grass

After walking to our heart’s content, we headed out to explore some nearby coves and bays on neighboring Unga Island. Just a few miles down the channel we visited abandoned Unga Village. Some of the old timers in Sandpoint fondly remember growing up there. We thought we might go ashore to explore but shortly after anchoring wind and swell built up from the unprotected direction, forcing us to haul anchor and head to another bay.

Unga village 2

Unga village

We found protection nearby in Squaw Bay. As we rounded a point an old cannery came into view. Black smoke billowed from an oily open fire near derelict vessels pulled up on the beach. We called out but never saw anyone. It was a little spooky. We anchored a respectful mile or two away.

Squaw Hbr raft up

Squaw Hbr bunker

The next morning we plotted a course to take us back to the Alaska Peninsula. We were eager to explore more slowly the same area that we had quickly passed a couple of weeks ago.

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