The voyage begins

We have a going away party planned for the end of April, boat jobs are being completed every day and we’re getting ready for the trip to begin!


8 thoughts on “The voyage begins

  1. We enjoyed your posts from the last adventure and look forward to many more. Since I’m now a desert dweller (and have been for all these years) I can’t even fathom all of your preparations and hard work for these ocean voyages. It’s been years since we’ve actually met up but I hope that one of these days our paths will cross again.
    Safe travels to you two.

    1. Yes! Next time we’re both in the same state let’s make that happen!!

  2. Have the world chart with your track from the last voyage.
    ready to get positions to track this next voyage.
    Smoooth seas and favorable winds
    Unc buck

  3. We are looking forward to reading of your next adventure. You are an inspiration as we bide our time waiting for our own casting off.

  4. How exciting! Finally you will get to enjoy the results of all of your hard planning and work.
    Love and safe journey,

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