Clyde Marina entrance Departing Canada Atlantic Ardrossan, Scotland

Irene Crosses the North Atlantic

Our last post left us in St Peter’s, Nova Scotia, with us diving to scrub Irene’s bottom in preparation for crossing the North Atlantic to Ireland. We departed on a Friday – August 3rd, 2018 – in violation of the prohibition “Never Set Sail on a Friday.” We tend to take sailor’s superstitions with a […]... Read More

Where is Irene?

We are leaving Cambridge Bay, Nunavit, Canada today. Getting close to the most technical part of the trip as we get near the ice. We are making new friends, taking lots of photos and enjoying our trip. When we get real Internet it will be possible to pay photos and updates. Until then We post […]... Read More

Departed Puget Sound 6/7/17

Irene and crew are underway again. Here’s a link to our position reporting map: We expect to be at sea a couple of weeks as we cross to Dutch Harbor. Cheers, Ginger and Peter... Read More

2017 Winter projects

Wintering over at a marina and boat yard where the Dude abides! Port Townsend Boat Haven was a great choice for our winter boat projects. We spent our days on the dock surrounded by wildlife in this healthy marina. Herons stalked between boats for fish and shrimp while turnstones cheerfully peeped and moved en mass […]... Read More

Blown Away by Port Townsend

There were many paths available to our country this fall. No matter how people voted in November elections it seems many people feel persecuted and vulnerable, Port Townsend residents are no exception. This liberal town is closely surrounded by a vocal conservative rural community. It feels frivolous to write about travels and boat repairs at […]... Read More

Chasing Summer

The month of September found Irene leaving behind Alaska fishermen and icebergs and clearing into Canada just before Labor Day weekend. We were treated to some nice weather breaks as we spent a couple of days in Prince Rupert. Peter got the “bits” needed for his long planned fuel tank cleaning project and sucked a […]... Read More

Returning to Southeast Alaska

Between Prince William Sound and Southeast Alaska are 350 miles of open ocean. It’s possible to hug the shore and find anchorages along the coast but much of the coast is extremely shallow with few spots protected for anchoring. So, with a weather forecast of building wind in a couple of days, we set out […]... Read More